Prohibition and the Left [Second Comment]

Hunter Gray HUNTERBEAR at
Sun Mar 18 20:52:26 MST 2001

Anthony:  My previous comment, of course, gave some relatively general
views from the radical/labor/social justice grassroots with regard to
over-indulgence of alcohol -- views which certainly tended [and tend] to be
jaundiced regarding this.  Regrettably, I obviously have nothing definitive
on Left views of formal government prohibition; but I can't imagine any
radical/labor/social justice activist endorsing that  -- or supporting,
however critical of drug use the individual might be,  the current "war on
drugs."  However, in mulling this over and seeking something more
specifically attuned to your specific query, it occurs to me that there
could be one  Left group -- from around the 1910s through formal prohibition
and beyond -- that might well have supported formal government prohibition
of alcohol.  That would be some of the Christian socialist groupings in the
South, border South, and some midwestern settings such as Kansas.  You might
check with, for example, the Kansas State Historical Society and also the
Labadie Collection via University of Michigan Library.

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Hunter Gray

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