Banks having nothing to do with Wall Street; Lenin is wrong

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Mon Mar 19 08:03:53 MST 2001

I just got a call from someone who said they are with an investment bank. He said he
wanted to send me his card and some literature.  I said ok. He then asked me do I buy
more bonds or  more stocks. I mumbled something. He said , "you do buy stocks or bonds
" ?  I thought, gee , the last time one of these guys called from New York, and I told
him I didn't buy stock or bonds, he was truly shocked. So, I thought, hey wait, my
pension ( you know). So, he kept asking me, He said, could you name just one of the
stocks you buy. I said, well I'd have to look in my pension, uh , portfolio. He let me
go, saying he'd send me something. I wonder how he got my phone number and address ? I
guess they go through the whole list of members of the bar or something.

One more story from the Naked City

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