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Here's an interesting little item from "Cambio 16" magazine (Gabriel Garcia
Marquez' weekly journal of news and views). It's in Spanish.

The basic news in it is that the family of US President George W. Bush has
investments in Colombian oilfields. The oilfields are wort $230,000,000 the
article says, although it doesn't indicate how big the Bush's investment
is, nor the name of the oil company.

Possibly even more interestnig than this news, is that the investment was
made through the good graces of W.'s personal friend Rodrigo Villamizar.
Villamizar was Minister of Mines and Energy of Colombia during the
government of President Ernesto Samper. Samper was a Liberal who was run
out of office on never-proven charges of having taken money from drug
dealers (although Samper subordinates went to jail on those charges.)
Villamizar was a Samper insider, who was run out of office for corruption
even beofre Samper lost the election. He now lives in Florida.

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