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Tue Mar 20 20:30:47 MST 2001

> what RCP are we talking about. the only one I know were Maoists, not
> Trotskyists.

British RCP. A split from the British SWP which then went through a couple
of intermediate incarnations before emerging as a small, very angry, Trot
party with an impressive magazine. Mostly notable for sectarianism, a
strongly Republican line on Ireland, a hatred for the Greens and their
dismissal of various far-left anti-fascist fronts.

I'm sure I'm doing the complexities of their transformation an injustice,
but as far as I can gather, a few years back they came to the conclusion
that a process of social atomisation had eroded the present basis for class
struggle in the Western world (officially only temporarily), dissolved
themselves and kept their magazine going as a kind of socially libertarian
rant corner - I say "socially libertarian" because they rarely mentioned
economics and when they did they seemed to be in favour of the maintenance
of the welfare state. The magazine changed it's name from "Living Marxism"
to "LM" and then got itself shut down in a libel suit after claiming that
ITN fabricated its famous pictures of Serb concentration camps.

They now run a website called "Spiked" and various prominent ex-members can
be found all over the British media.

Is mise le meas,
Brian Cahill

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