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Tue Mar 20 20:56:47 MST 2001

Maybe it's just Cincinnati, but my students don't even cooperate when I ask
them to hand up their assignments.  Each and every one of them gets up, walks
to the front and puts it on my desk.  I tell them they're just afraid to
cooperate for fear that someone would accuse them of being socialists. --ml

Louis Proyect wrote:

> Hi Lou:
> Please post:
> The post on a "good student", and the discussion of Marx's views about how
> cooperation among workers imposed by capitalists is alienating, made me
> think about a book I am trying to wade through called "Evolutionary Game
> Theory".
> I am sure many of you are better informed about both "Game Theory" and
> "Evolutionary Game Theory" than I am,  but for those of you even less
> knowledgeable, they are important branches of modern statistics. Game
> Theory has been used in a very reactionary way in biology and economics.
> Evolutionary game theory developed as a response to some of "Game Theory's"
> flaws.
> What I find interesting about "Evolutionary Game Theory" is that it
> provides a mathematical model for two contradictory aspects of social
> behaviour - competition and cooperation. (In other words, its a dialectical
> approach to a set of mathematical relations.)
> The math is a little deep for me, so this book is taking me a long time.
> However, I would be interested if any of you have comments on the subject.
> Anthony
> Louis Proyect
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