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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Wed Mar 21 06:21:23 MST 2001

As one of the folks who regularly reads stuff posted in your marxmail
list, I figured it's about time that I thank you.
I enjoy reading the discussions.  The different perspectives and
interpretations flying fast and furious give me plenty to think about and
challenge me to examine my own ideas and understanding.  Every once in a
while, I think about signing up, but I'd never find the school messages
that I need among all the arguments flying back and forth on your list.
Some discussions I've enjoyed in the past few months are the threads about
colonization of Ireland, Feudal Europe, and generally all the marxist
prespective on history discussions, also the indigenist/marxist posts are
great. Those book lists that get posted frequently are as useful to me as
the folks who request them.
With the press of the school year and all the various work needed to keep
a fifth grade classroom afloat, the book group I had going with a couple
of friends (Marx, Mao, & Leo Huberman) has been on the back burner, so
quick perusals of your discussions have been a real treat.
Karen Saunders

Louis Proyect
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