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I find a lot of game theory is simply trying to find/develop
"experimental/empirical" data to support the old a priori assumptions and
summarily-asserted "axioms" of the "homo economicus" construct. Once more,
people socialized under capitalism and behaving according to the rules and
imperatives of that system, are said/"found" to be manifesting some eternal
human nature and of course any system said to harness/utilize/celebrate this
"eternal" human nature--as opposed to trying to suppress and work against
this "human nature" such as under socialism--is said to be the most
efficient and eternal system possible.

Jim C.

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Anthony said:

> I am trying to wade through called "Evolutionary Game Theory".

the one by Jorgen W. Weibull???

i spent 45 minutes with this one in the bookstore today after reading your
comment. found the book exceedingly dry and boring, and i am a math fanatic.
maybe you're reading something else.

also saw a book called:

Prisoner's Dilemma/John Von Neumann, Game Theory and the Puzzle of the Bomb
by William Poundstone

which was more the history of this kind of theory and application. but
havent had time to read it yet.

les schaffer

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