Adam Levenstein cleon42 at
Thu Mar 22 15:47:18 MST 2001

> growing up in the U.S., I wonder how much a young
> man could have learned
> about Marxism in order to give up on it


While I agree with your remarks regarding people
killing in the name of Marxism, I find the above to be
slightly condescending and not really warranted.

I'm 23, probably one of the younger folks on the list.
I've been a Marxist since I was 16. When in political
discussions with people who know my politics, I
frequently hear "when you're older, you'll know
better." It's a cop-out from them, and from the other
direction it's no less of a cop-out. (It also really
pisses me off, and I'm sure the person you're
responding to is having a similar reaction.)

(who's not trying to start a flame war)

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