Anarchism or Socialism? The Adbusters debate

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Fri Mar 23 06:50:57 MST 2001

> Jamal Hannah's response. (If Jamal Hannah wishes to submit an unedited
> draft, I will be happy to post that.)
> Adbusters, March - April 2001, p. 4.
> Contrary to what Barry Stoller claims, anarchism has always been a
> strongly working-class movement opposed to capitalism, 'free trade'
> agreements, and corporate control of the media.
> It's noteworthy that the anarchists were at the front of the recent
> anti-free trade protests while the Leninists obeyed the police and
> remained non-confrontational?


We did? Crimey! They gassed me for nothing...


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