Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Fri Mar 23 15:53:14 MST 2001

> As my "older" generation might say, "Word".  I have been a Marxist since I
> was a tyke (a self-avowed socialist when I was 11 years old).  Now I am 31,
> have heard the "you are young, you'll get over it" for a long time, but my
> red flag still stading there.
> Erik Toren

Perhaps that's just it: there is a  christening phase people go through. When they
"settle back down" and relax the initial rush, then if what person remains is someone
who has assimilated their political beliefs into a pattern of living, then the person
remains radicalised for the long haul. Just because the answer (social revolution) is
always the correct one, that doesn't mean everyone becomes a radical for the right

Personally, I could give up a lot of my "redness". But when I stop and think about
it, I cannot get over my contempt for those who value humanity in the fashion that
the global rulers do. Ultimately, that's the continuity for me.


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