IRSP: New wave of arrests by the Spanish State

Danielle Ni Dhighe nidhighe at
Fri Mar 23 17:44:08 MST 2001

Irish Republican Socialist Party Press Statement
RE: New wave of arrests by the Spanish State
19 March 2001

The Irish Republican Socialist Party condemns the new operation of
right-wing terrorism against the Basque youth organisation HAIKA.

At the beginning of March the state terrorists, the Spanish police attacked
the Basque national liberation movement. This time it was aimed against the
youth organisation HAIKA.

After having armed its totalitarian apparatus with new "anti-terrorist"
laws allowing to criminalise the social protest movement and to threaten
minors with heavy punishments, the Spanish State is aggravating its
strategy of intimidating, oppressing and eradicating popular Basque

As the fascist premier José Maria Aznar said recently, the declared aim of
this is "to make them all end up in prison". As a result of this fifteen
leading members of HAIKA, arrested solely on the basis of accusations by a
hysterical mass media. Classed as of being the "cradle", the "mob" of ETA,
have been transferred to Madrid, where they are being held under arrest and
in complete isolation similar to that of political prisoners from GRAPO and

The reason for this new police attack against the Basque popular movement
is as we believe that HAIKA is the symbol for the conscious, rebellious and
combative Basque youth struggling for their ideal of a new, free and
socialist Basque country.

As republican socialists in Ireland, we can draw on similarities to that of
the Spanish State, who along with the British and Irish 'Free State' seeks
a submissive, self-centred, non-critical youth, devoted exclusively to the
opinions of the mass media of the state.

For HAIKA, it fosters a Basque popular culture on the basis of the best
collective popular traditions in order to create a creative, proud and
open-minded youth something that those in control wish to see destroyed.

HAIKA organises the youth, favours collectivism and attempts to put
democracy into practise. It is setting the foundations for a people's power
that would enable sovereignty and self-determination of the Basque people.

The fascist Spanish State imposes the totalitarianism of globalisation, the
anti-democratic model of the united neo-liberal parties. It is oppressing
those who seek freedom, denying them the most elementary democratic rights
such as freedom of speech, organisation and press.

HAIKA, just as the Irish Republican Socialist Party, fights against
neo-liberalism and social impoverishment, against precarious work
conditions, and all the new forms of neo-liberal slavery, for housing,
education and social security for the youth.

In conclusion, today's Spanish State, just as the British and Irish states
are part of this new period of globalisation. It is the continuation of the
Franco-regime that bases itself on a constitution, which does not recognise
people's right to self-determination, while it stabilises capital as
eternal social regime.

For this reason the Spanish State has to rely on an enormous apparatus of
manipulation through the mass media. It tries to distort the day by day
realty of this undemocratic regime, hiding behind a corrupt juridical and
police system in order to oppress the people's change for a new political
and social framework where real people's democracy is possible.

The IRSP demand the immediate release of the arrested HAIKA
representatives, an end to the fascist terror campaign, an end the
dispersal programmes and freedom for all political prisoners!

Solidarity with the Basque national liberation struggle ­ Their Struggle is
our struggle!


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