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Irish Republican Socialist Party
Press Statement
19 March 2001


The Irish Republican Socialist Party condemns the European Union on the
continuation of its policy and assistance to the fascist government of
Turkey and its military regime in preparation for membership of a United
States of Europe.

On December 19th last year, as political prisoners in over twenty prisons
across the Turkish state entered their 61st day on hunger strike in protest
at F-type isolation cells. The fascist government of Turkey requested that
their military police remove by force, prisoners to newly erected F-type
prison cells where political prisoners are expected to exist for the rest
of there sentence.

These isolation units which already operate within prisons in Spain, France
and Germany are regarded internationally by many Human Rights Organisations
as 'inhumane'. The Turkish State has been grant aided recently with funds
from E.U coffers which is estimaed to be in the region of €380 million.
This is a body, that views itself as the so-called protectors of the
'civilised world'.

Instead, we have a body that supports a likeminded 'authority' which has
interned an estimated 10,000 political prisoners. The majority of whom have
been put away for years, for simply objecting to a fascist regime by
flyposting and distributing leaflets. Some of these prisoners are believed
to be children as young as 13 years old.

Previous to a military intervention, a prisoners spokesperson confirmed
that prisoners would resist any forced removal, in any way they could. The
days following the military assault, Human Rights Organisations reported
that many of the hunger strikers and others had been murdered. Many had
been tortured and beaten to death and others shot while the military
deliberately burned parts of the prisons they couldn't get at.

If this is the kind of Europe which is seen to be the leaders of 'Western
Democracy' and of 'World Peace' then it must be opposed by the working
class of every state.

In conclusion, as republican socialists we must fully condemn all attempts
in the creation of a 'Fortress Europe' and protest at any Irish involvement
in such a fascist policy.

Statement Ends

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