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Irish Republican Socialist Party
Press Statement
19 March 2001


"The Irish Republican Socialist Party condemns the British Judicial system
for the continued incarceration of Sheffield freelance journalist and
Prison Rights activist, Mark Barnsley. Since middle of January, day to day
life for Mark has steadily got worse, as the prison service try and disrupt
his struggle for justice.

"On 17th of January 2001, Mark was suddenly taken off the prison wing and
put in segregation at Frankland Prison, along with two other prisoners, for
no justifiable reason. He was officially segregated under the 'Good Order
And Discipline' rule, There had been absolutely no 'trouble' or 'unrest' on
the wing. We can only conclude that officials at Frankland are extremely
paranoid or invented this feeble excuse to get rid of Mark.

"The British miscarriage of justice victim who currently being held in
Wakefield Prison will go on a 24 hour fast, supported by several other
prisoners at Wakefield who have been moved there as punishment this coming
Saturday 24th March 2001 and send extend our full solidarity with Mark's
struggle and his fight for justice.

"On 1st of February, after spending 2 weeks in segregation at Frankland
Prison, Mark Barnsley was woken up at 5.30 am and moved to Wakefield Prison
in West Yorkshire as accused with 'fomenting unrest on the wing'. Later,
'planning a protest' was added to the charge. The prison authorities have
yet to come up with a single incident, which would support these allegations.

"This was Mark's 20th prison move to date. As Wakefield is primarily a high
security prison for sex offenders it is certainly one of the worst places
they could send Mark, who has 3 children. The regime at Wakefield prison is
notorious with its unheated dungeon-like segregation cells and the IRSP
rightly see this latest move as nothing less than a cynical attempt to
isolate him from supporters and set him up for further punishment.

"Late last year Mark was invited to apply for parole for the second year
running. Once more, he rejected the offer.  As he previously stated:

"I am an innocent man and freedom is my right, I am not prepared to
compromise myself by submitting to any form of conditional release. If that
means spending extra years incarcerated in top security prisons, then it is
a price I am prepared to pay, albeit regrettably. My life has been
completely destroyed by the terrible injustice that I have suffered, all
that I have left are my principles and integrity, and I am not prepared to
compromise them by bending my knee to the parole board."

"In conclusion, the IRSP call on everyone who supports justice to do all
they can and demand Mark be immediately moved out of Wakefield Prison and
to further demand the release of all documents held from his original trail
by the CPS which has prevented Mark to receive a truthful hearing.

"There are a number of this people can do which the campaign has requested
that as many people as possible will continue keep up the pressure on the
authorities by:

MASS FAX & PHONE-IN: Wednesday 28th March.
To Governor David Shaw at HMP Wakefield .
FAX: 01924 299 315 & TELEPHONE: 01924 378282

* Demand that Mark Barnsley be moved out of Wakefield Prison!
* Send a message of support to Mark (enclose an s.a.e. and a few sheets of
paper so he can reply) at:
Mark Barnsley WA2897 ­ HMP Wakefield, 5 Love Lane, Wakefield, WF2 9AG.
*Send Mark a Birthday Card on 30th March 2001 as it will be his Mark's 40th
* Write or email Mark's support groups for up to date information
* Start up a local support group where you live and help distribute
* Write to the local Press and inform your local community about mark's
fight for justice.

Statement Ends

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