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Vanessa DD jajije at
Fri Mar 23 23:37:43 MST 2001

Hello list!

I'm Vanessa DiDomenico, 28, born in Chile a year before Pinoshit took over,
and brought to Venezuela as a young child by mom, who came here to teach at
the university. She had been of the Union Popular (Allende's people) but
today swears by capitalist standards. Here, she put me in the local USA
overseas school, and by age 16 I was on a scholarship at a US Jr college.
But there, in ALabama, I got to know the Lord, and I have never again cared
for money or worldly success. I have promised to myself never again to stain
myself with the corruption of this world.

I'm NOT a leftist, in fact, I often get called far right. The thing is,
unfortunately left and right are labels from the 18th century, and hard to
keep separate nowadays. And it's impossible to consider one better than the
other: for example, here, labor unions do as much damage as do the oil
companies. Both are equally corrupt, and leaders of both sleep with 12 yr
old girls as often as they can get their hands on one(GRRR). Therefore, I
believe we must work on new political standards, taking what is useful from
each group of ideals.

I have been working on putting together an NGO to help children. Today, I
work as a volunteer teaching children who work at a local market, a
stinking, dirty, disgusting place, where some of these kids work from 3am in
order to feed their parents and families. I also work at a catholic
orphanage (I prefer to call it a residence), teaching as a volunteer. My NGO
will also set up support groups for epilepsy (which Marx had and I have),
genetic illnesses (my lawyer's child has Down's), and congenital heart
disease. We will first set up a recreational center at a warehouse my dad
gave me; we will fight child prostitution,; and we want to help other
organizations do their work right. For this, I soon hope to take a course at
Johns Hopkins on training non-profit managers. And I already have quite a
bit of support.

I have been speaking to leaders of the Fifth Republic Movement, Hugo
Chavez's (Venezuelan president) political party, and hope to work with them
in the area of social welfare. I REALLY like Chavez, although some of the
guys he's got working for him are too old to do anything useful in the XXI
century. Unfortunately, the capitalists who have been getting rich off this
country love to badmouth this guy. You would not believe some of the things
I am personally aware of that these oil companies do!! I used to teach
english at Berlitz, and the engineers would reveal things that were just
incredible. And my father, who just finished building a shopping mall, works
with a bunch of corrupt capitalists (mostly arabs), and it's so hard to
believe these people can walk the streets with their heads held high after
they do these things!! There was a time when I considered joining the
guerrilla in Colombia (the border is about 2 hours from here), just to get
away from all these nasty capitalists, but then realized no good could ever
come of carrying machine guns, and I decided I would teach those who have
little chance of ever having a teacher with the kind of preparation I have,
so they will know they need not accept exploitation as their only means of

As for Marx, well, he's a fellow epileptic... I don't really know much more
about him. I remember reading a couple of things that made me think, 'yeah,
It's obvious he had temporal lobe epilepsy,' but don't remember what.  But I
do know that sometimes having these brain irregularities makes one very
sensitive to the needs of others. I have gone hungry myself more than once
after giving away too much. And I DO believe what Tolstoy said: "I don't own
my piece of bread until everyone has a piece of bread." I really liked the
Che, too, but Russia's government was obviously no good. Where they true

Another thing: I was raised as a pure atheist, but I know today that nothing
good can ever be done without God as a leader. God doesn't even need to
exist for this (although my education as a chemist has shown me He is
there), but the principles of the Bible are too perfect to be ignored. The
problem is, who gets to interpret it for others? How do we guarantee that
the church leader won't use the church for his personal gain? Easy: have NO
church leaders and NO temples! This is why I am an advocate of
homechurching, and am totally against churches asking for tithe. I think
this is what socialism needs: not atheism, but the elimination of churches
as institutions. After all, EVERY Christian congregation in the first
century was in houses, and as soon as the creed was institutionalized, it
became corrupt.

Well, I wrote too much already, and it's 3am, so... bye!
Vanessa, who is sick of seeing people living in cardboard houses

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