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This just in ...

A Los Angeles forum at which the Amy Goodman, Juan Gonzalez
and Bernard White are speaking tonight is filled to capacity; every
seat in the 1200 seat venue is occupied. An intense lobbying effort
by both KPFK staff and management, as well as Pacifica
management, attempted to derail the event. This included
pressuring panelists and sponsors to withdraw.

This is by far the most well-attended event on the Pacifica crisis in
Los Angeles to date, and signals a geometric leap in awareness
and activism of the issue.

Ramona Ripston of the Southern California ACLU, who was to
moderate,  withdrew, as did one of the panelists, Dominique Di
Prima, whose program airs on the commercial station "The Beat"

Los Angeles City Councilwoman Jackie Goldberg agreed to
moderate the panel in place of Ms. Ripston. Ms. Goldberg is the
first openly lesbian candidate to gain election to the LA City
council. Her brother, attorney Art Goldberg, is an active member of
the National Lawyers guild, which is one of the events co-sponsors.

The Los Angeles chapter of the National Lawyers Guild has a long-
running program on KPFK . Indications are that the program may
be cancelled in retaliation. KPFK has been under a strict gag rule
since the coup of  January 1995, and more than 150 paid and
unpaid staff have been removed, and at least a dozen people have
been banned.

Additionally, persons who express criticism of management of
KPFK in other venues have also been sanctioned. In 1999, a KPFK
reporter, Robin Urevich, was banned after she wrote a critical
article in a community newspaper.


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