Maoist International Movement

Barry Stoller bstoller at
Sat Mar 24 06:16:00 MST 2001

> I've recently come across material from MIM, the Maoist International Movement. They
>do make an odd impression what with their use of alphanumeric codes in place of
>personal names and their belief that the white working class is counterrevolutionary.
>Does anyone know how MIM came about and what their background is? The best I can
>deduce is that they come out of the academia in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

MIM are ultra-sectarian dogmatists from Harvard. Their 'feminist Maoism'
is characterized by both inane intransigence ('sterilize all men!' [MIM
Theory #2 &3, p. 145]) and the occasional brilliance (inducing Black
Book of Communism editor to admit gross error
<>). I've worked
with them (Du Bois statement [MIM Notes #226, p. 9]) and I can assure
you, they are the fire-and-brimstone types.

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