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let me begin by welcoming you to the marxmail list. you have a fresh and
youthful voice. I am sure people on this list will welcome you and try to
answer some of your questions.

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> Dear friend,
> Thanks for the Castro quotes. I am happy to read that, I guess I can show
> to the Christians I work with who are always criticizing my beloved Hugo
> Chavez because he hangs out with Castro.
> I was wondering if any of you can help me with this: I have heard that the
> Che separated himself from Castro because of Castro's alliance with the
> Russian communists. What was the Che's opinion on Russian communism? I
> really need to learn more about this!
> BTW, when I was a kid, one of my best friends' grandmother was always
> speaking of Cuba and how great it used to be. She left Cuba on the plane
> with Batiste. She was always speaking of the big parties in Cuba before
> Castro's time, and my father, who was also of the Union Popular in Chile,
> says that Cuba used to be 'the whorehouse of America' before Castro. I
> more info on this, since I will be working with the Fifth Republic
> (MVR), Hugo Chavez's party, and I need to educate people on what Castro's
> motives were for making Cuba what it is today, and on what Chavez likes
> about Castro.
> I suppose I would rather live in poverty than in a whorehouse! I need more
> info on why the US embargo of Cuba is unfair. We have also had many Cuban
> doctors come down here and help people, and a few dozen sick people were
> flown to Cuba for treatment. Any SPECIFIC info on why Cuban doctors are so
> good? The newspapers here are criticizing Chavez so much, but I happen to
> know many of the owners of those papers, and many are corrupt people who
> keep houses in Miami and I suppose bank accounts. I suppose they don't
> anyone controlling their habits!! I myself grew up flying to NYC 6-10
> a year to do my shopping, and I know its not easy to get rid of those
> materialistic addictions.
> OH, and Chavez has given non-catholic Christian seminaries credit with the
> Ministry of Education, and the catholic priests were furious! And they
> badmouthed him even more after that. And many are taking advantage of the
> situation here, which is quite sad, to criticize him. DO YOU THINK  THAT
> YEARS??? I don't think so.
> Vanessa in Venezuela

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