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Brian James hillbily at
Sat Mar 24 18:40:29 MST 2001

> I have heard that the
> Che separated himself from Castro because of Castro's alliance with the
> Russian communists. What was the Che's opinion on Russian communism? I
> really need to learn more about this!

There was never any serious conflict between Che and Fidel, at least not
personally. There was, however, a divergence of views over the Soviet
Union, which enemies of the Cuban Revolution tried to blow up into a
crisis for propaganda purposes. Basically, Fidel, the sensible
statesman, sided with the Soviet foreign policy of "peaceful
co-existence" with the capitalist world, while Che viewed that policy as
"appeasement" and complicity with imperialism. Che was dedicated to
continental revolution for Latin America, which made him a Trotskyist
according to the Commintern, and preached the slogan that power comes
from the barrel of rifle, which made him look like a Maoist. This,
during the Sino-Soviet conflict and the Vietnam War, made old Che a
dangerous wingnut that had to be closely monitored (a KGB agent was
specially assigned for this purpose), but his friendship with Fidel, I
understand, was never seriously strained.

Brian James

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