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George! sorry if I gave a different impression.  My reply had nothing to do
with your post. I was just expressing my feelings about anti-reperations
sentiments I have seen elsewhere-- the kind of sentiments that are indeed
similar to Horowitz's racism. Thanks for the info on protests against the
publication of an anti-reperations ad.

bye, Xxxx

At 08:21 PM 3/24/01 -0500, you wrote:
>I think that Xxxx misunderstood the point of my posts. I am just giving some
>info about a student protest against the publication of an anti-reparations
>ad. the ad was placed by David Horowitz in hopes of drumming up anti-Black
>feelings on college campuses. he did this in the name of free speech. we
>could have a discussion about the politics of reparations, but that was not
>the point of my posts. some of us remember David Horowitz as a new left
>historian of the 60s. in the 80s he turned around and became a propagandist
>of the new right. he wrote a book called HATING WHITEY last year. he is in
>the employ of rightwing foundations.

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