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Brian James hillbily at
Sat Mar 24 19:55:39 MST 2001

> Castro did not support 'peaceful coexistence' in the Soviet manner. Long
> after the death of Che, he took initiatives in Africa that were key to
> advancing the colonial revolution. The Cubans were also strong allies of
> the Central American revolution of the 1980s. While it is true that Castro
> has made statements in the recent past, especially with respect to
> Colombia, that amount to a pessimistic view of the prospects of armed
> struggle (who can blame him), he has never made diplomatic deals at the
> expense of revolutionary struggles which was so often the case with the
> Kremlin.

True. What I mean to say is that Fidel was under pressure, for practical
reasons, to officially go along with the Kremlin on such policies as
peaceful co-existence. His support for continental revolution was well
demonstrated in his support for Che's post-Cuba adventures. The idea of
a split between Fidel and Che came from people's expectations over the
trouble Che represented for Moscow, fueled by propaganda, but the
friendship was never strained because they largely held the same views.

Brian James

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