Annoying postmodernists

Amanda Tattersall amandatatts at
Sun Mar 25 04:20:23 MST 2001


I am having a little trouble.  My honours class is almost filled to the brim
with 'pomo'/foucauldian post-structuralists, always keen to point out how
'totalising' a Marxist analysis is ... blah blah blah.

I was wondering if people knew of good critiques of postmodernism from a
Marxist perspective that either claim to have 'learnt something' from this
perspective, or destroy the theoretical apparatus that it attempts to
construct.  I am sorry if this is a very old and boring topic - its just
that I want some material to help establish that a substantive analysis (and
indeed a class analysis) is a vitial component of transformative theory.
Specifically on this, do people know of any works/writers that provide a
similar analysis to Ellen Meskins Woods analysis of post-marxism, but
dealing with postmodernism.

The other thing I was wondering was if there were any critiques of
deconstruction - that look at it from the perspective of an incomplete and
malformed dialectic.

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