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>It is remarkably ironic that Brown University was founded by men who
>made their money in the slave trade.  Also, when in my farewell to
>academe I said, among other things, that racism was alive and well on
>our campuses, that wretched beacon of liberalism, Brad DeLong, accused
>me of hating my students.
>Michael Yates

What is equally annoying is that when some leftists _protest_ reparations
in the name of Marxism. As reading the reparations thread on LBO, and the
ridiculous bombardment EN MASSE against a member of Black Radical Congress
who is in defense of compensation (Art. M, must be the name??), my personal
conclusions are as follows: we have seen the enemy, and it is _many many De

right wing Horowitz is a piece of cake (for us to criticize as Marxists).
the leftist closet racists are what we need to _educate_.

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>George Snedeker wrote:
> >
> > Here is the information that got left out of one of my messages.
> Several  persons have requested more information about the events at
> Brown  in the last week or two. I am not on campus so what I relate here
> all comes  from the local papers. I apologize in advance for omissions or

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