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Sun Mar 25 07:29:14 MST 2001

David Welch:
>On Sat, Mar 24, 2001 at 09:13:52PM -0500, Louis Proyect wrote:
>> [Castro] has never made diplomatic deals at the expense of revolutionary
>> struggles which was so often the case with the Kremlin.
>What about President Fujimori?

David, please feel free to be less laconic in the future. It is a little
difficult to read your mind. I am not sure which "diplomatic deal" you are
referring to. When I speak of diplomatic deals, I have something in mind
like the way that the Kremlin dealt with the rebellion in Greece after
WWII, like some kind of poker chip. There was a guerrilla group that Castro
might have had some influence over in Peru, namely the Tupac Amaru group.
But I assume you are referring to the fact that Castro continued to trade
with Peru despite the repression against the Shining Path. In fact this
policy began with Alan Garcia, the APRA president who also was not above
torturing or murdering peasant guerrillas. Part of the difficulty in
sorting out Cuba's attitude on these matters is the tendency of the Shining
Path guerrillas to treat leftist opponents as if they were fascists in
typical "third period" fashion. In any case, whenever Castro has referred
to the Shining Path, it is always in terms of the need to address Peru's
class inequalities which have bred such a desparate kind of ultraleft revolt.

Louis Proyect
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