Origins of Internal Colonialism theories?

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Robert Blauner is a good source for U.S. sociology in the 60s. check out his
sources. Oliver C. Cox was a black radical sociologist who was very critical
of the "internal colonialism" argument. see his RACE RELATIONS: ELEMENTS AND
SOCIAL DYNAMICS. he argued that it was the misuse of an analogy like the
caste theory of race relations in the 1930. in his CASTE, CLASS AND RACE, he
argued that Blacks were not a caste like existed in India. they were an
exploited racial minority within capitalist society. Sorry I don't know any
sources on the uses of this theory in Latin America.

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> Hello,
> Does anyone know of any accounts of the history of internal colonialism
> theories, particularly with regard to Indigenous peoples. I am trying to
> get a more complete picture of the origins of these approaches. For
> example Ward Churchill credits the work of Bob Thomas in the 1960s,
> Rodolfo Pino credits Latin American scholars, American sociologist
> Robert Blauner did some work with these theories in the early 1970s etc.
> Any suggestions on books or URLs?
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