debate on Horowitz ad in the Progressive

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George thanks very much for the Progressive article! very instructive in
terms of revealing the reactionary charecter of the liberal left media in
the United States

Isn't this Progressive so called an alternative news agency? Amazing to see
how liberals solidify themselves with racists like Horowitz in the name of
free speech, and call the protesting students as "brownshirts". Also this
right wing libertarian asshole Horowitz is so fucking smart that he twists
the reparations issue in his ad as reverse racism  ie., "Ten Reasons Why
Reparations for Slavery Is a Bad Idea and Racist Too,". And the liberal
left buys this destructive nonsense for protecting free speech! Horowitz is
using the reverse racism card, so that he does not look obviously racist.

btw, Doug Henwood made similar comments to that of  Matthew Rothschild's on
LBO talk "I don't think destroying copies of a  newspaper that runs an ad
you disagree with is a very wise policy, but I guess I'm just a wimpy
liberal" . Surprising that there are some people _this time_ disagreeing
with him, considering the anti-reparations sentiments among all list
members previously.

I wonder what the Nation magazine would say about the protests against
Horowitz's racist ad! does anyone know?

bye, Xxxx

At 12:24 PM 3/25/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Debate on Horowitz Ad
>Matthew Rothschild, editor of The Progressive, recently published an
>editorial criticizing the Brown students who protested the David Horowitz
>ad and comparing them to "brownshirts" (see
>Below is a response from a Brown student posted at The Progressive
>website. --PG

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