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Sun Mar 25 12:48:17 MST 2001

>btw, Doug Henwood made similar comments to that of  Matthew Rothschild's on
>LBO talk "I don't think destroying copies of a  newspaper that runs an ad
>you disagree with is a very wise policy, but I guess I'm just a wimpy
>liberal" . Surprising that there are some people _this time_ disagreeing
>with him, considering the anti-reparations sentiments among all list
>members previously.
>bye, Mine

The LBO-Talk discussion was appalling. I urge comrades to look at their
archives to get a sense of how far to the right left-liberal and
social-democratic discourse has drifted in the USA. Henwood worried that if
reparations were to be paid out, who would be able to verify the true
racial composition of a claimant. This is not radicalism, it is
pettifoggery of the worst kind. In the Marxism list that preceded this one,
we had an ultraleft moderator who once complained that Indian land-claims
would alienate tax-payers. Those who worry about the reparations demand
"dividing the working class" or about the excesses of radical students
protesting racism are merely expressing the conservative mood of the
opinion-making elites in the USA, which filters down into places like the
Progressive. One of the Progressive's regular columnists is Adolph Reed, an
African-American professor and muck-a-muck in the Labor Party whose
speciality is railing against the "particularism" of the black movement
which he regards as petite-bourgeois. His biography of WEB Dubois is a
hatchet job that makes the argument that the great writer and organizer
feared the black proletarian masses. Supposedly the black working class can
best advance its own interests by subsuming them under the overall class
agenda of an outfit like the Labor Party that can't even get it together to
run a candidate. Reed was a member of the same Trotskyist group in 1969
that I belonged to. Although there were a lot of fucked up things about it,
it never gave an inch to this kind of workerism.

Louis Proyect
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