Far Right Suffers Blows in Germany and Austria

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Two short items on this weekend's regional elections in Germany and Austria:

Far right dumped from German state parliamenttv

BERLIN, March 25 (AFP) -

The extreme-right Republican party has failed to keep its seats in the
regional parliament in the southwest state of Baden-Wuerttemberg,
according to first television estimations after Sunday's vote.

The party fell below the five percent needed to be represented in the
legislature, according to both ZDF and ARD television.

The Republicans in Baden-Wuerttemberg and the German People's Union
(DVU) party in Saxony-Anhalt were until Sunday's vote the only two
far-right parties in any of Germany's 16 state legislatures.

Monday, March 26 1:23 AM SGT

Far-right slumps heavily in Vienna ballotspartial results

VIENNA, March 25 (AFP) -

Austria's far-right Freedom Party slumped heavily in elections in
Vienna Sunday to 20.5 percent of the vote, 7.7 points down on its
standing in 1996 ballots, according to partial official results.

The results, released after some 32 percent of ballots had been
counted, gave the incumbent Social Democrats 46.8 percent, up 7.2
percentage points on its standing five years ago.

Helene Partik-Pable, the far-right's mayoral candidate, said the slump
was due to the heavy criticism of the party's campaign, blasted as
anti-foreigner while party strongman Joerg Haider was accused of

"The reason for this ... is the unbelievably malicious campaign
against the Freedom Party," she told state television.

The conservative People's Party, which struck a controversial
power-sharing deal last year with the far right, was heading for 16.3
percent of the vote, up slightly, while the Greens were tipped to win
12.5 percent, up over four percentage points.

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