Foot and Mouth Genesis- An Eco-Marxist Explanation

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sun Mar 25 15:01:03 MST 2001

>Yes, the current situation in capitalist farming is insane, but
>lamenting the good old days, with the old social relations of production
>unexamined, is antithetical to marxism.
>Brian James

It depends on what you mean by the good old days. We reject the
exploitation of serf labor, the cultural backwardness of agrarian life, the
subordination of women, etc. On the other hand, farming of the
precapitalist epoch did tend to utilize organic fertilizers, crop
multiculture, natural predators that were more sustainable than the
practices which replaced them. Socialism must reintegrate these sorts of
ecologically rational measures with a planned economy that reduces at
first, and then eradicates, the distinction between town and country. This
was a programmatic demand found in the Communist Manifesto which is more
timely than ever.

Louis Proyect
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