Foot and Mouth Genesis- An Eco-Marxist Explanation

Brian James hillbily at
Sun Mar 25 17:00:21 MST 2001

Louis Proyect:

> It depends on what you mean by the good old days. We reject the
> exploitation of serf labor, the cultural backwardness of agrarian life, the
> subordination of women, etc. On the other hand, farming of the
> precapitalist epoch did tend to utilize organic fertilizers, crop
> multiculture, natural predators that were more sustainable than the
> practices which replaced them. Socialism must reintegrate these sorts of
> ecologically rational measures with a planned economy that reduces at
> first, and then eradicates, the distinction between town and country. This
> was a programmatic demand found in the Communist Manifesto which is more
> timely than ever.

Good enough. But I'm not convinced Marx and Engels would be adamant
about organic methods if they were around today. Alot has changed since
1848. The references to the Manifesto you seem fond of are extremely
vague at best, but taken out of context misrepresent M & E, who were
pretty keen on industrial efficiency and productivity, having the
potential of creating equality and liberating humanity from hardship etc.

BTW, I've read Marx's Ecology by John Bellamy Foster and was quite
impressed by it. But the whole thing is premised on social revolution,
which Foster leaves out. Without that it's just more reformist bourgeois
green crap.

Brian James

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