Foot and Mouth Genesis- An Eco-Marxist Explanation

Tony Abdo aabdo at
Sun Mar 25 18:14:40 MST 2001

Tony Abdo quoted:
[...] It is time to consider paying farmers in small mixed farms a
living wage
as countryside custodians, to maintain and husband the land, domestic
animals and wildlife in the way we want it to be, putting the soul back
into the soil. Also, as urban consumers, we need to support local
farmers' market type initiatives, and vote with our feet by boycotting

Brian James...
This is "eco-Marxism"?

Brian, what is it about this that you find to be offensive, or contrary
to the 'purity' of marxism?      Why wouldn't marxists support this idea
of using state resources to pay farmers to 'husband the land'?

As it is now, subsidies are payed to agribusiness to help degrade the
land.     The small farmer is left to go bankrupt.

Plus, isn't it better that the rural population be involved in
maintaining wildlife habitat, rather than competing directly against it?
Why should the farmer not be integrated into habitat management?
Should we leave this (in the US) to the National Forest Service or
Bureau of Land Management bureaucracies alone, God forbid?


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