Annoying postmodernists

Brian James hillbily at
Sun Mar 25 19:08:16 MST 2001

> Rorty is generally known to be in the tradition of  American pragmatism
> along the lines of John Dewey. Certainly, his critique
> of  _foundantionalism_ shares some commonalities with post-modernism's
> critique of  _truth_ (as they define it).

> bye, Mine

Rorty is also big on Nietzsche, but I always found the American
pragmatists to resemble a toned down version of Nietzsche anyway. Rorty
has publicly attacked Jacques Derrida (a radical nietzschean) over the
extremism of his deconstructionism and the harm it can do to literature,
while practicing a rather watered-down version of the same thing in
order to promote his own wishy-washy liberalism.

Rorty's own literature-as-freedom politics is quite elitist, perhaps
revealing the elitism of the whole postmodernist lit-crit movement. To
quote him:

"There is no such thing as the 'voice of the oppressed' or the 'language
of the victims'... the job of putting their situation into language is
going to have to be done for them by someone else." (Contingency, Irony,
Solidarity, p. 94).

Brian James

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