Annoying postmodernists

Sam Pawlett rsp at
Sun Mar 25 20:55:41 MST 2001

Amanda Tattersall wrote:
> I was wondering if people knew of good critiques of postmodernism from a
> Marxist perspective that either claim to have 'learnt something' from this
> perspective, or destroy the theoretical apparatus that it attempts to
> construct.

The best books on postmodernism are by Christopher Norris and Peter
Dews. Dews is more of a Marxist theoretically speaking. The advantage of
these authors is they have actually read deeply in the pomoistas and
give close textual analysis constructing the pomos in the clearest and
most sympathetic way possible before refuting them.  Norris is more
philosophically literate working out of the analytic/realism tradition.
Another good book is Against Postmodernism by Alex Callinicos, a Trot of
the Brit SWP variety--also very philosophically literate and more
politically engaged than the above authors.

> The other thing I was wondering was if there were any critiques of
> deconstruction - that look at it from the perspective of an incomplete and
> malformed dialectic.

Norris is your man here. In particular, his book on Derrida is clear
exposition arguing that D actually has a logically coherent argument.

Sam Pawlett

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