A 'green' capitalism?

Brian James hillbily at SPAMintergate.ca
Sun Mar 25 21:27:57 MST 2001

Barry Stoller wrote:

> We all shall share a cleaner planet---and that's great---but capitalism
> will stay as powerful as ever, thanks in part TO the planet being
> cleaner. That capitalists (other than the usual predictable interests in
> particular industries) would embrace a Green technology shouldn't come
> as a surprise.

They would not only embrace it, some big wigs of the capitalist system
are avidly promoting it.

Club of Rome founder was motivated by a fear that his beloved capitalist
system, which allowed him to get rich in Italian automobile industry,
was in danger of collapse. Also, World Bank "green" economist Herman
Daley (who the greenies just love to bits); "natural capitalist" Paul
Hawken; "sustainable" agriculturalist and head of Rockefeller Foundation
Gordon Conway. Just to name a few. United Nations, NGOs, blah blah blah.

Sustainable development to them simply means sustainable capitalism. I
call it "eco-keynesianism." Sadly, a lot of lefties and greens buy into
their program.

Brian James

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