Maoist International Movement

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Mon Mar 26 05:04:13 MST 2001

> >
> No, RIM is the international headed by the US RCP, political opponents of
> MIM.

Evidently they never paid any attention to the careers of their foremost thinkers:
Mao resisted any attempts to set up Internationals, and Stalin had dismantled the
Comintern in 43.

This makes me wonder whatever happened to some of the 60's "New Leftists" who could
admire Mao deeply and seperate that from Stalin? This is roughly how I have looked at
the "connections" put forth between the two leaders, and wondered why it seems so
difficult for people to now realise that Mao's "adherence" to Stalin(ism) was almost
purely a historical and situational one. The permanent linkage has always astounded
me- don't people do more than read the history of these as policies "statically", but
rather as ebb and flow?


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