German Green party moves further to the right

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Mon Mar 26 05:28:41 MST 2001

Louis Proyect quoted:

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> In order to conceal this further rightward turn, the delegates elected a
> new party chairperson by a large majority; someone who in the past always
> defined herself as "coming from the left wing". With 92.5 percent of the
> vote, Claudia Roth, a former manager of the rock band "Ton, Steine,
> Scherben" (Clay, stones, shards), obtained a result that was unusually
> harmonious for a Green party congress. As the chairperson of the
> parliamentary Human Rights Committee, she had not infrequently publicly
> criticised the inhumane immigration and refugee policies in Europe and
> in Germany, including those of the "Red-Green" coalition government. But
> since her nomination as the second executive committee spokesperson
> alongside Fritz Kuhn, she has proved her political pliancy.

Just a few remarks on Claudia Roth:
While it is correct to label her 'left-wing' (within the Green framework)
and she certainly is one of the critical voices within the Greens when it
comes to immigration controls, she is more of a radical democrat than a
traditional left-winger. So she does not come from a Maoist background (like
Jürgen Trittin mentioned below) but from the youth organisation of the

She was one of the first Greens to favour 'humanitarian interventionism' in
the early nineties by linking the Bosnian Serbs to 'fascist crimes'. Most of
her left-wing credentials she earned as manager of 'Ton, Steine, Scherben'.
Still today their songs are played at most left-wing demonstrations.

> For weeks, she negotiated with local Green federations in Lower Saxony,
> which had opposed Green Environment Minister Jürgen Trittin's endorsement
> of "castor" nuclear waste transports. Although nothing has changed
> regarding the dangers posed by the transport of highly radioactive fuel
> rods through densely populated areas, no discussion took place at the
> congress on the subject.
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At the time of writing of these lines major protests against nuclear waste
transports are under way. The BBC is reporting that German police are
staging 'their biggest post-war operation'

"Germany heads for nuclear showdown
Protesters have massed in northern Germany to try to block a controversial
shipment of nuclear waste on its way from a reprocessing plant in France.
The demonstrators have set up so-called resistance camps close to the
railway line and are threatening to attack the tracks and stage sit-ins at
strategic points.
A 17,000-strong police force is on high alert for potentially violent
clashes with the anti-nuclear campaigners."

Full text at:

There is an adsitional report on the BBC website about the Green's position
vis-a-vis these protests:
'Nuclear nightmare for Greens' at:


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