Foot and Mouth Genesis- An Eco-Marxist Explanation

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Mon Mar 26 07:36:55 MST 2001

> BTW, I've read Marx's Ecology by John Bellamy Foster and was quite
> impressed by it. But the whole thing is premised on social revolution,
> which Foster leaves out. Without that it's just more reformist bourgeois
> green crap.
> Brian James
I find it very good as well (I've read the first half), but tend to find it overly
academic (I needed a pot of coffee to get through his introductions to Materialism
and historical roots thereof. Also, the problem you mention is one of academic
Marxists in general. I'm determined that so long as I play that game, I will never
cede my right to call for full insurrection, the sooner the better. Calling oneself a
Marxist has never sufficed for anything. Academic Marxism (with some of the very
notable exceptions contained within the listmembership here) seems all too often a
substitute for doing anything. Being an academic Red is supposed to be activism in
and of itself. Well, that might be comforting but it's BS.


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