Cuba, USSR and Africa (was: Re: intro:Vanessa from Venezuela)

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Mon Mar 26 08:58:37 MST 2001

Macdonald Stainsby wrote:

> The USSR, in public,
> supported the MPLA, but did nothing on the ground, as was in line with
> detente attempts. The Cuban government did little at first as well, but
responded to
> requests from the MPLA for help when South Africa (through Namibia)
attacked them
> with American aid. Once the Cubans got involved (using humans, not
resources) the
> USSR was sufficiently "shamed" into helping the MPLA through the sending
of weapons.
> In other words, they had to be dragged into the conflict kicking and
> whereas the Cuban contingent had known long before hand which end was up,
and what an
> internationalist response from a revolutionary state might be.


do you have any source for this claim? The Reaganite (and the Breznevite)
version of the story is that Cuba and the USSR worked in close cooperation
in Angola.

As you know as one of these nasty Trots I am no big admirer of Breznev, but
when there were situations he was on the right side, even subjects like me
will appreciate it.


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