Annoying postmodernists

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> George Herbert Mead is a Nietzschean?

I can see drawing comparisons between William James and Nietzsche, since
they in fact shared a number of views in common but I don't see much
similarity between Nietzsche and other American pragmatists like
Mead or Dewey (despite the fact that Rorty considers himself to be
both a disciple of Dewey and of Nietzsche).

Jim F.

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> > Rorty is generally known to be in the tradition of  American
> pragmatism
> > along the lines of John Dewey. Certainly, his critique
> > of  _foundantionalism_ shares some commonalities with
> post-modernism's
> > critique of  _truth_ (as they define it).
> > bye, Mine
> Rorty is also big on Nietzsche, but I always found the American
> pragmatists to resemble a toned down version of Nietzsche anyway.
> Rorty
> has publicly attacked Jacques Derrida (a radical nietzschean) over
> the
> extremism of his deconstructionism and the harm it can do to
> literature,
> while practicing a rather watered-down version of the same thing in
> order to promote his own wishy-washy liberalism.
> Rorty's own literature-as-freedom politics is quite elitist,
> perhaps
> revealing the elitism of the whole postmodernist lit-crit movement.
> To
> quote him:
> "There is no such thing as the 'voice of the oppressed' or the
> 'language
> of the victims'... the job of putting their situation into language
> is
> going to have to be done for them by someone else." (Contingency,
> Irony,
> Solidarity, p. 94).
> Brian James
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