Maoist International Movement

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Mon Mar 26 10:44:12 MST 2001

Macdonald Stainsby wrote:
> This makes me wonder whatever happened to some of the 60's "New Leftists" who could
> admire Mao deeply and seperate that from Stalin?

We are all about you! We just don't (and never did) call ourselves
"Maoists," which is an oxymoron for anyone who has ever studied Mao or
the history of the Chinese Revolution. The coupling of
Marxi*ism*-Lenin*ism* with Mao zedong *thought* rather than Mao*ism*
expressed a political position not a mere verbal habit. For a short time
some of us (along with the elderly Mao himself)did wobble when we
accepted and tried to base our politics on the "Three Worlds Theory" --
which was in effect an attempt to establish "Mao Thought" as a general
theory for the world revolution, and implied a "united front" with the
imperialists against the threat of a Fascist USSR. But Mao-thought, as
you say, was (self-consciously) tied to specific historical conditions
and does not survive a "straight transliteration" into other
historical/geographical contexts. To see the last grotesque dregs of
this go back and check the archives for Chris Burford's calls for a
United Front with NATO against a "fascist" Serbia.


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