Annoying postmodernists

Brian James hillbily at
Mon Mar 26 14:01:37 MST 2001

Patrick Bond:
> Surely the best antidotes remain the 1989 books by Harvey (Condition
> of PostModernity) and Callinicos (duh?)?

Harvey's book seems to have become something of a standard. It is really
about the social and cultural condition of the postmodern and what
material base gives rise to it. He spends little or no time on
linguistics and PM philosophy, viewing them as a product of the PM condition.

The Callinicos book I found disappointing, back when I was a student
struggling with such things. He relies on too many sterile formulas and
doesn't really provide an accurate assessment of his target.

Christopher Norris, whose name has come up a few times, is good on the
philosophy end. He's a former Derridean (Deconstruction: Theory and
Practice) who later turned against the whole sticky mess (check out his
book on Baudrillard and why the Gulf War "never happened.")

Brian James

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