Annoying postmodernists

Brian James hillbily at
Mon Mar 26 14:26:23 MST 2001

> On Mon, 26 Mar 2001 08:45:45 -0600 "Austin, Andrew" <austina at>
> writes:
>> George Herbert Mead is a Nietzschean?
> I can see drawing comparisons between William James and Nietzsche, since
> they in fact shared a number of views in common but I don't see much
> similarity between Nietzsche and other American pragmatists like
> Mead or Dewey (despite the fact that Rorty considers himself to be
> both a disciple of Dewey and of Nietzsche).

> Jim F.

Please excuse my slip-shod approach to philosophers I've never read. I
was indeed thinking of William James, not Herbert Mead. James' book
"Pragmatism" seems like an attempt to normalise the "relativism" that
was introduced into modern thought when Marx, Darwin and Nietzsche took
the world off its traditional moorings. Rorty tries to do the same thing
with Derrida.

Brian James

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