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This has long been more to the point for me. Gays in the military is like
supporting the right of women to be executed as proof of equality. Let's
look at the character of the policy and the intention of the "equality" and
it's impact on the people and than let's be a little more discriminating on
where we expend our energy. My sister, a lesbian, served in the military and
worked for the CIA, running guns for the contras. I wouldn't demand that she
not have that right, but I also realize, as does she, the price paid by the
people of Nicaragua, not because of the fact that gays are accepted in the
military, but because the armed forces of this nation are used to maintain
US imperial domination. Let's make the demands for equality and justice
focused on where they can do the most people the most good.

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>"Red Rebel" said: < I knew a guy who was in the Israeli Special Forces who
>is gay and he said it was never considered to be a problem. He also served
>period with the US Marines. >
>No problem for him, maybe; a big problem for Palestinians in the sense that
>he was an Israeli soldier. There's been a lot of talk in Britain about
>letting gays into the armed forces. Whilst in principle I'm against any
>restrictions upon gays getting jobs in the forces just as I'm opposed to
>forms of discrimination, it's hardly a step forward if it's a gay Israeli
>soldier shooting at Palestinian kiddies, a gay US sailor launching a Cruise
>missile on Baghdad or Belgrade, or a gay Parachute regiment soldier beating
>up people in Northern Ireland. The same thing goes for women in the armed
>forces of imperialist states and their surrogates.
>Paul F

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