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> "Red Rebel" said: < I knew a guy who was in the Israeli Special Forces who
> is gay and he said it was never considered to be a problem. He also served
> period with the US Marines. >
> No problem for him, maybe; a big problem for Palestinians in the sense
> he was an Israeli soldier. There's been a lot of talk in Britain about
> letting gays into the armed forces. Whilst in principle I'm against any
> restrictions upon gays getting jobs in the forces just as I'm opposed to
> forms of discrimination, it's hardly a step forward if it's a gay Israeli
> soldier shooting at Palestinian kiddies, a gay US sailor launching a
> missile on Baghdad or Belgrade, or a gay Parachute regiment soldier
> up people in Northern Ireland. The same thing goes for women in the armed
> forces of imperialist states and their surrogates.
> Paul F

Thats absolutly right of course, which points out the basic contradiction
for imperialist nation leftists campaigning for trivial "lifestyle" reforms
in the armed forces.

 The ex- Israeli soldier I referred to would now describe himself as a
socialist but the unit he was a member of was involved in the abduction,
torture and assasination of PLO members. His unit was also sent overseas on
assasination missions against, in particualar, PFLP (GC) members.

 He now lives in the UK, instead of Israel where he could claim a
substantial military pension, because of his dissaproval of the crimes of
the Israeli state which he sees as in contradiction with Israels "Left"
Zionist founding principals.

 He also has some disturbing stories to tell about one of Kissingers visits
to Israel when he was involved in his security which involve very young (ie
pre-teen) girls being taken in official limo's into the US embassy for his


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