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Weinglass, who says he first saw the manuscript of Executing Justice on
February 20, and who notified Abu-Jamal of it on February 22 as soon as he
had finished reading it, isn't buying that argument, though. The veteran
political attorney, who with William Kunstler defended the Chicago Seven,
has harsh words for his erstwhile colleague. "I don't think this book does
any legal damage to the case," Weinglass says. "But I do think that it's
done political damage to the unity of the support organization. I don't
agree with Dan's analysis that Mumia's case has been marginalized, and I
don't think that it's the place for a lawyer in a political case to be
criticizing and evaluating the value of a support network. He should have
shown the manuscript to me and to Mumia before he sent it to the publisher."

Others in the "Free Mumia" movement, which in recent years has become a
global affair, are even harsher in criticizing Williams. "We think it was a
serious mistake for Dan Williams to publish such a book, even if written
with the best of intentions, without consulting Mumia," says a statement
released by the executive committee of Refuse and Resist!, a New York-based
organization that has helped organize international support for Abu-Jamal.

"Dan Williams was absolutely wrong in writing that book," says Pam Africa,
a spokeswoman for MOVE. As to the decision by Abu-Jamal to dump Weinglass
and the rest of the legal team as well as Williams over the book, Africa
says, "We support what Mumia is doing. If he wants the whole team gone,
he's the one who's on Death Row."

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