Forwarded from Jurriaan Bendien (Lenin and lawsuits?)

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at
Tue Mar 27 15:40:27 MST 2001

> >people locked up or banished/deported. As Pipes notes for instance, "No

Is this the professor Pipes from Harvard?  His "The Unknown Lenin" document
collection is fascinating reading, but I am skeptical of the source. The introduction
does read like a scary bedtime story from the McCarthyist era. How reliable are these
documents? I received this book as a Christmas gift and have read parts of it, but
(as Carrol points out) not found it reliable enough to source-quote. Just from the
intro alone, it becomes apparent this man is fighting an old war all by himself:

"_The Unknown Lenin_, containing long concealed documents from the Soviet archives,
helps correct the myth and revise the image [sic-MS] . Lenin emerges as a ruthless,
manipualtive leader who used terror, subversion, and persecution to achive his

Whatever. This is what he and his ilk have been attempting to "prove" for 83.5 years.


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