Class and health

Tony Abdo aabdo at
Tue Mar 27 16:19:02 MST 2001

Vanesssa, and this is so much bunk.    Lifestyle DOES play the major
role in disease, and not 'microbes' alone.      But there is no money to
be made by promoting a better environment for health, as opposed to
pushing pills (and equipment).     That accounts for the popularity in
certain 'scientific' circles funded from above, for this mad rush to
blame the naughty microbes.    Then we can spray them (with antibiotics,
antivirals, and other pills), and they can then sell us the spray.

It is this attitude and genesis, that has created the environment for
where the microbes have evolved more rapidly than the possible
development of new killer antibiotics.

We don;t really have a 'health' system functioning in the world today.
We have a profiteering system of making money off disease and human
misery.     Think that, next time you see a sign *HOSPITAL* on the road.

Tony Abdo
Vanessa DD...
<Haven't you heard that scientists are beginning to believe that ALL
diseases are caused by contagious microbes? Not that the problem in
itself is so, but that viruses that reside in the body cause certain

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