International Railroad Workers Action Day

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 March 29 is  International Railroad Workers Action day

Webcast radio show will be on tomorrow, Wednesday, March 28 at 10 am EST.

 Mac Urata, head of the ITF's Inland Tranport Division, which is organizing

 March 29 will be on the show, along with Brian Stevens, from the Canadian
 Workers. Also on the show will be Paul Plaganis from the TCU and Jon
 from the IAM.

 The show, On the Barricades, is hosted by Steve Breyman, on 91.5  WRPI FM,
 Troy, NY. It is broadcast live on the web at So listeners
 around the US, and indeed around the world can tune in.

 Jon Flanders

March 29, 2001 is:
International Railway Workers Action Day

This year is a crucial one for transportation workers in the U.S. By his
pre-emptive use of the Railroad Labor Act against Northwest Airline
mechanics, President Bush has shown he will take a hard line against air
and rail workers. With our rail labor contracts up, it is time for rail
labor to get our side of the story. The International Transport Workers
Federation call  for March 29 actions offers us a day to do this.

Whether it is the issue of crew fatigue, staffing levels, proper training,
contracting out of critical work or full funding for mass transportation
and Amtrak,  rail workers' concern for just contracts and safe working
conditions are very much in the public interest. If we don't point this
out, who will?  Don't wait for the corporate press to do it!

Sponsored by the International Transport Workers Federation

Join railworkers in over 50 countries who will be organizing events on 29
March as part of a huge day of action in support of keeping railways safe
and accessible. Organized by world trade union body the ITF, the day will
feature activities ranging from travelling campaign trains to marches and
exhibitions. Secretary of the ITF's Inland Transport section, Mac Urata,
commented: "Rail is one of the safest and most environmentally efficient
ways to travel on land, and we want to keep it that way. But that good
record is under threat because of under-investment, staff cuts,
privatization and outsourcing. He continued: "Safety costs. It demands
investment in maintenance, in training and in staff numbers. Workers
world-wide want to be fully involved in running safe and popular railways,
not to be blamed as soon as anything goes wrong."

Join us for
Informational Leafleting

3:30-6:30pm, Thursday, March 29
Amtrak Rensselaer Station Parking Lot Entrance

Sponsored by the Capital District Rail Labor Solidarity Committee

Railroad Workers Organize around the World on March 29

The Japanese rail unions will be leafleting the public on rail safety for
the ITF Action Day.

LONDON (Reuters) - The largest union on London's Underground metro system
has said it will push ahead with a one-day strike over safety issues on
March 29, threatening to bring chaos to the already clogged capital.

Action commune du 29 mars 2001 au Luxembourg Manifestation régionale avec
la participation de
Gewerkschaft GdED (Allemagne) FNCTTFEL - FCPT (Luxembourg)

Passengers will face disruption to Channel Tunnel Eurostar train services
on Friday because oof a 24-hour strike by Belgian rail workers.

The three ITF Italian affiliates, FIT/CISL, UILTRASPORTI and FILT-CGIL
together with SMA will be organising a general strike for an hour from 11am
on 29 March. Leafleting will take place at a national level.

The Pakistan Railway Workers' Federation will be holding mass rallies in
the major cities of Pakistan on the Action Day.

All railway unions of the Croatian Railways (HZ) will be promoting the ITF
Action Day and rail safety together by organising leafleting and
information desks at railway facilities.

The Canadian unions are targeting theITF Action Day with plans to fax
thousands of letters on 29 March to the government offices with that
message. Additionally on the Action Day, union members will be distributing
the current ITF journal…

The six Unions of the Slovenian Railways (SSZ) will be promoting the
ITFAction Day together by organising leafleting and information desks at
the railway facilities.

In Kenya, a clean-up exercise of the railway housing estate and therailway
yard is also planned by the Kenya Railway Workers Union. During the day,
banners will be put on commuter trains. A press conference will also be

TThe South African Transport and Allied Workers' Union (SATAWU) will be
holding rallies in major cities such as Cape Town, Port Elizabeth,
Pretoria, Johannesburg, Pietersburg, Durban, Bloemfontein, Kimberley and
East London on 29 March to fight against privatisation.

Latvian railway workers to organise five pickets in three cities on Action

The railway union, Sindicato de Trabajadores de la Industria Ferroviaria de
El Salvador (SIFES) will be organising leafleting at major rail stations in
the capital, San Salvador on the Action Day.

The Romanian Railway Workers' Union, "Drum de Fier", will organise an
international meeting titled 'Safety not privatisation' in Arad, near the
border with Hungary.

The Trade Union of Railway Workers and Transport Constructors of Ukraine
will be organising actions at all levels of the union structure, aiming to
draw the attention of the Ukrainian Cabinet to some of the railway problems
such as safety.

The Trade Union of Railwaymen and Transport Construction Workers of Russia
will be organising mass leafleting on 29 March

The Argentinian train drivers' union Sindicato La Fraternidad has confirmed
today their participation to the 2nd International Railway Workers' Day, 29
March 2001. The union will set up radio stations at the main rail terminals
to appeal rail safety to the passengers. The campaign posters will be
placed at terminals and on trains.

Workers at the SNCF, France's national rail authority, have said they plan
a nationwide strike for Thursday. Rail unions and SNCF officials were to
meet Monday for talks on pay and retirement issues.

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