Marx and epilepsy

Vanessa DD jajije at
Tue Mar 27 20:37:11 MST 2001

Dear Joao,

Well, back in Marx's time, saying you had epilepsy was just like saying you
were crazy and out of your mind... NOBODY ever admitted to it! Besides,
there are many kinds of epilepsy, thousands of different types, not only the
grand-mal seizures you may know. In fact, Marx was thought to have temporal
lobe epilepsy (or psychomotor), which often appears without grand-mal
seizures, and is related to religious, mystical, and egocentric experiences.
I don't remember reading if he has the visible type of seizures.

However, I must admit I could not find my source this afternoon when you
first wrote, so I wil get back to you.

In any case, the only reason I had ever been interested in Marx was because
of his epilepsy, and research related to temporal lobe epilepsy; but I'm
enjoying the list a lot, so I thank that datum even if it was wrong!

Vanessa from Venezuela

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