Facts about electricity consumption

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Wed Mar 28 07:46:58 MST 2001

from Lou:

> Subject: Facts about electricity consumption
12,133 -- per capita annual electricity consumption (kilowatt-hours) in the
U.S. in 1997

1,381 -- per capita annual electricity consumption (kilowatt-hours) in the
rest of the world in 1997

for an interesting visualization of this issue, see:

[small 33 kB version]:

[large 355 kB version]:

[clickable version]:

an explanation for how the images are created:

implicit in this image is some similar relation between nighttime
externally-visible light sources and _total_ electric energy use by a given

why the US Defense Meteorological Satelite Program would be interested in
mapping earths' surface light intensity at night is left as an exercise for
the reader.

les schaffer

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