Class and health

Tony Abdo aabdo at
Wed Mar 28 10:26:27 MST 2001

Les, let me explain why it is so hard to 'ease up'.     Millions of
workers in the US, alone, are engaged in the 'health care industry'.
We are 'caring' for people who often want to die, as opposed to being
tortured in their dying days by a cruel, despicable system that cares
for them not in the least.

Maybe you have never been engaged in this sort of activity?      Maybe
you do not truly understand what it is like to work in an 'industry'
that turns caring for the less fortunate, into a process of maltreating
them?      It is not a pretty picture at all.     Better to work the
kill line in the slaughterhouse, than to work the kill line of the
'medical system'.

More even to the point, is that there is a whole ideological system in
support, that tries to justify this situation in the name of a supposed
'science' that they are following, and in process of refining.....
constantly.      It is a 'medical system that revels in human misery,
instead of trying to alleviate it.

You should spend some time caring for people wth sores all over their
bodies from negligence, or contractured bodies.    People that the
system is adept at keeping them in this condition as long as possible,
while milking the profit making to the max.     The 'benevolent'
concentration camps, run by sisters of mercy, good sams...., sisters of
providence, tenet, vencor, beverlies, and other inhuman entities.

Maybe you don't truly understand the smiling faces on hospital
billboards, are people obtaining relieve from a pharmaceutical bounced
to you in a magazine, or on the tube?

This is not the Third World, it is a nether world of death and injury of
the First World.     Poverty doesn't brings this about, but rather lots
of money used cruelly.     A world not of just 'healthy' rich and poor,
but also of unhealthy poor and rich.     And especially the poor under
torture.     It is the world of the modern day witch doctors, that
masquerade as scientists, as they hobnob with the other goblins of law
and insurance.

<Tony Abdo said:>

Then we can spray them (with antibiotics, antivirals, and other pills),
and they can then sell us the spray.

<Ease up Tony ...>

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